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Monday, November 23, 2009

Stop! Thief!

  When I was a kid , people who had body art were considered out of the norm , a little dangerous , kid of badass. They were the stuff of metal musicians , abused kids , gang members , and military lifers . I was one of 3 people in my high school with any kind of piercings or ink , and very few people knew about it until they could see it through the white sleeves of a shirt I wore with my tux . ( in 1993!)  I digress . The difference with today is that anyone and everyone is getting inked and people seem to forget that it's permanent when they are getting a Day-Glo Casper tattooed on their ass . And there's nothing really avant-garde about most of the people who get inked or poked now - some of the biggest sissies are human pincushions . It almost seems that  rebels don't own their vice of old since it's been replaced by doofuses who do shit like this to themselves .

But the finest famous examples are found in the world of music . Fluffbags like AJ McLean are covered in a sea of faded blue . I was checking out all the cheeserocket bands that my 14 year old sister digs and there's a whole lot of really meaningless scrawlings going on . Here's a fine example
of what I'm talking about - this is Hedley and most of their musical travesty is inked to the fuckin eyeballs .
  They look just as stupid for the fact that this video is a rip off of everyone from Good Charlotte to Pink to Eminem , all of whom have more talent in their toenail clippings than this outfit .
  We've been style punked by a bunch of entitled , vapid brats . And that sucks.

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  1. Yes Mika, yes it is kind of aggravating to see little twinky bitches all tattooed up with stars and flowers and what not, but at least people like us aren't "as" discriminated against because of this strange occurrance. Am I right? Or am I RIGHT!


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