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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Safari - Believe The Hype

  I have a very crappy computer and am stuck in a dead zone of poor internet connection speed . Thusly , some of these blogs have taken hours to write when they should take minutes . I have tried numerous web browsers in an effort to add a little extra zip to my internet experience - Explorer 8 , Firefox , Google Chrome - and any benefits were quickly thrown to the dogs by random crashes , spybots , lag , and other irritations we all know too well . I envied my friends and family for their Apple computers that roamed the interwebs seamlessly . Even my sister-in-law's vintage iBook makes my machine seem like a sloth . I have resolved myself to the fact that until I can afford to drop 3 grand on a new Mac , I'm stuck with this Dude-don't-you-ever-buy-a-Dell . 
But if you are stuck on a shitbox , you no longer have to deal with the great Microsoft irritation . No more web-based malware from Explorer not filtering Google properly . How?

Lose Explorer - Apple Safari can be had on your PC . And it is all of what you would expect and more . Your internet experience will change as quickly as you can download and run this browser . On my XP/AMD Dell and mid-low connection , Safari gets you where you want to be at least 10 times faster than the latest Explorer , and is considerably faster than Firefox or Chrome . It also doesn't crash at random like Fox or Chrome . The whiners accused Apple of forcing content because ITunes promotes Safari , but it's an optional  install . I know this because I resisted installing Safari as long as I've had ITunes . (I was a skeptic , plus isn't Microsoft best on a PC?) 
Don't be a skeptic - even if you have the latest and "greatest" PC get this browser. There's nothing to mess up your view . No usage-tracking toolbars , memory-stealing cookies and trojans , and no eyeball-irritating clutter . If you blog , you will save a ton of time online . 
While it might take you a while to adjust to all of the cool things that make the Safari web experience so different , it is THE winner . 

Nothing available even comes CLOSE.

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