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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On A Serious Note

  An incredible true friend to me and enthusiastic supporter of this website is in the hospital with a very rare automimmune blood platelet disorder . This condition used to kill about 95% of the affected people and the treatment for it , but can be treated now by essentially removing someone's blood and removing the offending antibodies before returning it . And it sounds terrifying to me as an outsider , but this person is the kind of tough that we all wish we could be .
  The point is that no matter how shitty or how fabulous life is , we can all get thrown immense and sudden challenges . Whether we fight or allow ourselves to be consumed and defeated is up to US , and nobody else. Sometimes we can be in need of help , be it a dollar or a prayer , and sometimes we might have to offer it .
Tonight , i know where my prayers are directed .
  Please G-d , spare this incredible asset to humanity . And , sweetheart , I know you have it in you to survive . There are too many of us who just aren't ready to part with your fire yet . You know as well as we do that you are far from done.

  I love you.



  1. Mika, we're all thinking about her and keeping her in our prayers tonight. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Please God, help Mika's friend and those she has touched through this difficult time. Thanks for all the advances in medicine we enjoy today.

  3. thank g-d they now have computers to use in the hosp. Mika..your my hero,Longhawl, my inspiriton, betty, JJ ,Jodi..i adore you all.hopefully will be over soon. 20 years ago the survival rate was 20% now its 80-100. Peace my friends..tell sara not to worry wither! mika..a love ya kiddo! Ihave to post anonymous. im pretty dopped up and cant remember passwords. Im in winston salman NC..and i miss you all!

  4. i had to come back & mention firelass, misskibbles,jay link,& i know prob more im forgetting. last monday was scary, even for me. im not ready to kick out yet. i still have things to accomplish in my life. you people here mean more to me then you will ever understand.strangers with places in my heart. if you hurt, i hurt. if you need something, most of you have my #.fucking use it! Mika, i wish you were closer to where i live. but one of these days we shall meet, you are to awesome of a person for me to never get to know you.I love you dearly & think about you often, as i do all of you. I have not been on twit a lot, but i'll be back just growing my nuts back as they just about nutered me in the hospital :). i now have to lines coming out of mu jugugular..just in time for the twilight kids to look at me as a vampire blood fountain. Peace & love my precious friends!


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