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Friday, November 27, 2009

Yummy Treat

     Scottish folks are known for their love of life , often expressed with food , humour , and a stiff drink . Scotland is a nation-within-a-nation full of hard-working blue-collar cats that love to laugh at themselves and have a great time . It is this thinking that has spawned Tactical Nuclear Penguin , a beer with a great package and fantastic name . It is also the strongest beer EVER produced , anywhere , at any time . At 32% alcohol by volume , it probably should not be handed out at the football game . WOW . 
To put this into perspective Bailey's Irish Cream contains 17% , and a typical Scotch around 40% alcohol by volume . This potent brew comes from a company that got raked over the coals for producing another beer with 18.2% booze , but does warn the public that it's a beer that should be sipped like a whisky . 
  It should be noted that the beer was launched on the same day as the new Scottish Alcohol Bill . 

  For getting the world to stop and take a look at a Fraserburgh microbrewery , I'd call Jim Watt of BrewDog a marketing genius .

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  1. sounds yummy. i love the taste of baileys in coffee.


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