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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Truth Is Funnier Than Fiction

Joshua Basso is a pretty typical twentysomething dude . He loves the company of a good woman , and when you are a lonely dude , sometimes phone sex is your only resort . The thing is , it's a recession and Josh didn't have any money on his cell phone . So he called the only number that's always free from a pocket rocket - that's right , he called 911 . 4 times.
After a couple of calls , the lady cop decided to play along somewhat to get his address and Romeo thought he was gonna score. So he started asking the usual bunch of tits and ass questions (yes , he used those words) and got really happy . You know , because EVERY mama Cop is going to leave work to hook up with a dude who's so busted he can't afford a phone card . Happens every day in Tampa . 
When the cops showed up at Cyrano de Dipshit's crib and he noticed their gender , he lied and said it wasn't him . 
And then his pocket started to ring . 
This hunk o' burnin love was busted for 911 abuse and claims he didn't know what he was doing was illegal . 

He best save his pennies for 1-900-PALM SEX because that's the only nookie he's getting for the rest of his life .

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  1. And that my friend is the fine city I used to work for..we had the most charming callers as you can see. As a 911 operator, I can tell you we need to prosecute more of these guys, cause he is far from being the only one to abuse they system (all Perez Hilton jokes aside).
    Where I work now we actually have people whose names we can recite alond with their addresses off the tops of our heads they call so regularly for truthfully no legitimate reason. It's so frustrating..we have moms that call 911 caus ethey can't mak etheir kids go to school. women who call 911 over bugs in their houses, drunks cause pple took their keys, kids who are lonely, asholes who think it's funny to see the cops and fire engines roll up. At Tampa Fire we had pple set dumpsters on fire, then would call 911, and when the fire trucks arrived would throw rocks and bottles at them. It's 911 for Christ's sake!
    I know I'm more than a wee bit biased, but every single one of these asshats should do jail time in my book..24hrs for each call, or a week's community service..something to get the message across, cause if a caller needs CPR or if their is a suicidal caller, or someone in danger, they need us on the phone..not the bitch with the spider in her car.


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