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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yummy Treat

This is fucking stupid . After the FDA tried to get this shit off the market (because the company  claimed it to lower cholesterol) , Cocaine is back on the market . Take a wander over to their website and look at all the photos and videos of stupid suburban kids thinking they are doing something transgressive . Oh yeah , Cocaine is real cool buddy . Do the real thing and you will be feelin real transgressive alright , more like transexual in your little skirt giving blowjobs to 80 year olds at Jarvis and Maitland for dimes . You'll be real rad getting chased down Homewood by the real hard bitches who don't like to make nice and share .  Dummies. 

Why don't they just call it  Pimped  or Advanced HIV Disease or I Sold My Sister ? 
Make it real simple and call it Death and see how well their marketing plan goes. 

They also have Meth brand coffee . 

People are fucked.

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