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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Men With Melons

 These dudes are fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders , and they are the greatest fans in sports . Over half of all of the football apparel sold in Canada is green and white . There are 7 other CFL and countless CIAU , NFL , and NCAA teams out there , but Melonheads rule . Saskatoon is home to more aboriginal citizens than any other Canadian city . It is home to only 220 ,000 people , but can fill a 15,000 seat arena for a JUNIOR hockey game and the first NASCAR event in Canada was held here . They drive down to Regina to fill Taylor field for Roughriders games that always sell out . More Riders fans are at away games than the home crowds , and thusly most of the 45,000 seats in Calgary for the Grey Cup will be green . Calgary had to import thousands of melons for the fan helmets . Some fans use rubber helmets , but the REAL Melonheads use the real deal.

Melonheads are the best fans in sport and are going to have the world's largest synchronized cryfest when my Alouettes kick their heroes' butts across the snow at McMahon .

Don't bother me between 3 and 7 PM tomorrow. Thanks.

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