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Friday, November 13, 2009

So Romantic

  Dating for the long term is a serious deal . You have to find the right person , let everything grow , and if all goes well you are a reasonably happy critter for a very long time . There are professional matchmakers , speed dating , video dating , Christian dating , gay dating , Muslim dating , and all conceivable combinations . 
But now we have DNA dating . 

  For about a grand , will hook you up with a prospective partner based on values and the usual , but also some peculiar system related to the DNA from your skin cells . Nerds say the HLA genes (stink genes) play a major part in attraction due to pheromones . They claim that scent is the final question on whether or not a person is your ideal . 
  I'm really not buying this , but even current couples have had such tests done . I get the tests for Cystic Fibrosis and Tay-Sachs that some susceptible people get when preparing to have kids . That's quite responsible . 
  But dating? What if the skin cells are all happy but one of the people is gay or any other combination of traits that someone might not be looking for ? And are the pheromone rules different for the various orientations? 
I have to find this out . 
But until then , I think that this is likely the least romantic idea to grace the dating jungle . That said , if rich people buy into this B.S. and a few Biochem majors get their education paid for it's a " no harm no foul" situation.

People of the interwebs , would you line up for a service like this?
I think it's ridiculous but I'm open to your ideas on how to navigate the romance highway.

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  1. I guess if you strike out enough times, you'll try anything. Remind me to smell my girlfriend later.


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