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Monday, November 9, 2009

Vegan This!

Environmental blogger. 
Radio host.
Drives a Hybrid.
Speaks French.
BIG Yoga nut. 
PETA spokesman.

Sounds like the kind of little hippie you could push around and he's not gonna hit you back . You're gonna have a real fun time picking on a wimp like this dude. 

Good Luck. 
I've just described 6'3" , 260 pound Montreal Canadiens forward Georges Laraque . This guy makes a living throwing around guys who would make you piss your pants like ragdolls . And he SMILES while he's doing it  with a monstrous grin because in his 15 years of high-level hockey , NOBODY has been tough enough to knock one of those chiclets loose. If you think calling him dirty names will help , it won't - as one of the first black tough guys to make it to the Show he's heard it all before. 
Here's the big man's first fight in juniors against then reigning heavyweight Joel Theriault. 

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