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Monday, November 30, 2009

Temper , Temper

Atlanta Thrashers Captain Ilya Kovalchuk is a big man who makes his bank flying past stupified D-Men and making goalies look like mere mortals , so it comes as no surprise that he scored adandy breakaway goal tonight . But what happens afterward is an example of what NOT to do 
when Ilya catches you napping .

Florida defenceman Keith Ballard swings is carbon composite wand at the post like a composer on meth and injures his best friend in an ultimate FAIL . Tomas Vokoun eventually passed out and had to be taken to anAtlanta hospital because of this supreme idiocy .

It should be mandated that players who engage in this insane babyman sticksmashing ritual be given an automatic Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty and an early trip to the showers like they 
do with other immature displays . 

Kudos to Kovalchuk for ceasing his celebration when he realized a man was down and skating back onto the ice to stay with his fallen opponent while Keith Ballard hid on the bench .

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