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Saturday, June 12, 2010

America The Way Too Beautiful

Little dig here that I'll expand on when I wake. But it IS important . The US immigration dogs have now decided that jails for illegals should be close in amenities to "hotels" , according to Janet Napolitano .

  Effective really damn soon (as in within a month), incarceration facilities for border jumpers will have 12-hour visiting, unlimited internet , and continental breakfast . In order for a homey feeling bingo, art, and free phone will also be included. While the idea of prisoners wearing their own garb doesn't bug me , the idea of quality food , hanging plants, dance nights, fancy bedclothes, and a hotel-type atmosphere do bother me.

  The new directives stipulate that new ICE facilities will gradually have pat-downs eliminated and have an environment " assure the humane treatment of illegal immigrants in custody,  creating an innovative system to house detainees in facilities like hotels and nursing homes rather than jails. "

   Okay, I am a hard-working human being. I could scarcely afford to live in a hotel with all of the dozens of amenities they are proposing. And I make a pretty decent dollar. What about the mums and dads stuck making 8 beans without insurance? Call me a Commie, but I'd like the idea of a dad of 4 receiving those subsidies over an illegal.

  Okay, even if you look at sissified countries like Canada their illegals don't go to hotels- they go to JAIL. Why? Because in order to get into the country and work and utilize the social services, you need false identification. This is a Federal offense. If you are a refugee claimant who does this you may be given a stay in the country. After you serve your sentence for falsifying federal documents. Still, not in a hotel.

  I REALLY wanted this to be some tea-bagger rumour, but it isn't. Americans are being sold down the shitter. Maybe next time I hop down, instead of getting a visa as always I score one of these joints where I can call all my pals for free, blog all I want, play squash on courts I can't afford, get a free MRI on my crappy back, and eat like a king. Tempting thought.

  But reality is, I'm honest. And the only migrants that are going to benefit from such a plot are the ones who have illegal motives. I know that my next visa isn't going to come with hotel treatment. But that's okay for me, I'm glad. I visit and enjoy and work in a capitalist country because i WANT to. And if I fuck up and overstay or screw up paperwork send me to a REAL prison. Maybe I won't mess it up next time.

  Entering other nations is not a right. You are welcome guests to mine as I am to yours. And if you screw up here, don't think you are going to one of the Holiday Inns created by Janet Napolitano.

  I feel bad for you guys. I wouldn't trust Janet Napolitano with the security of anything more important than a can of Nesquik.

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  1. I hereby invite the 31 United Mexican States (known as Mexico) to join the United States of America. 81 kick ass states!!


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