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Saturday, July 31, 2010

You KNOW This Is Also Wrong

  In an effort to garner attention for his hateful church, The Dove  World Outreach Center has announced that September 11th will be International Burn A Quran Day.

  Pastor Terry Jones sees Muslims as evil and destined for hell and believes that it is not only his right, but duty to burn the Muslim holy books. Mr. Jones has written a book titled "Islam Is Of The Devil" and his church sells chotckes with hateful messages. He also has a Youtube channel that promotes his narrow-minded views.

  In addition, Terry Jones also plans to protest the existence of Gainseville's openly gay mayor on Monday because his very being is contrary to the church belief system. This guy and his very real following are absolutely foul representations of their faith and Americans as a whole.

  You can speak filth in America, bitch on Youtube, and even protest; But you cannot burn a religion's holiest works in a nation that claims freedom of religion. Your religious beliefs are not allowed to infringe on another's right to freely exist. These are the same dimwits who want to make atheism illegal.Terry Jones cannot even fathom a logical reason for burning some one else's holy book other than he believes his belief system superior.

I can make a case against Islam without reverting to the terrorist argument. I can also pick out parts of other religions that I find distasteful. I have pointed out the hypocritical elements in both creationism and atheism. But I will never desecrate your faith because you have the right to believe in whatever makes you a better person.

  If you rigidly believe that you are superior to another man because of the circumstances of your birth, you are a bigot. Every peaceful being on this planet has the right to enjoy life without having their race or religion insulted in the worst ways possible. If we believe our society to be more liberated than others, we cannot behave in a fashion identical to the worst of the worst.

  Yes, on September 11th, 2001 thousands of people, including Muslims, were murdered by 19 confused Muslim kids. The security of an entire continent changed and some became fearful and hateful. It is one of the most awful things to happen to America and has caused an equal, but not opposite reaction. Certain groups believe the 1.5 billion Muslims of the Earth retroactively responsible for 9/11 because it gave them a new scapegoat, a new enemy. And that's unfair. People don't burn the New Testament to blame all Christians for  the Spanish Inquisition. It is the ultimate insult to the victims of hate to commit a hate crime in their name.

  Do the right thing and don't participate in this sickening event.


  1. I hope every one of those Qurans costs him 10X as much as it does for any Muslim or even curious reader.
    I really doubt he has really taken the time to read the Quran either. You are completely right, this is a ruthless grab for publicity and the power that comes with an enlarged mob.
    This kind of hate is how innocent people get lynched or even burned.

  2. Good post. The ignorance of the Christian right is staggering. the Quran is effectively a continuation of the Bible, other than Muhammad pretty much the same cast of characters and events. The Ark, etc.

    Self-righteous prick.

  3. I find it appalling that these people call themselves Christians. Just as much as I'm sure Muslims are appalled that Terrorists call themselves Muslim. Islam is a beautiful peaceful religion, as most religions are before fearful people ruin them with hate.


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