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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Little Perspective

  I've been attacked recently for a post that essentially said kids should find REAL causes instead of petitioning for early release of celebrities convicted of felonies. I also stand FIRMLY behind it.

I'm gonna give you some perspective here.

This is a child in Darfur
And this is a local man helping children by giving them the small amounts of his water that his purifier will handle.

  And this is the bounty that many of us, including the famous, enjoy. We should be greatful for our existences and try to help those in REAL need.  These micros were convicted of no crime, but they are serving life without parole. Lindsay and others WILL get out.

  If you think the way I do, go HERE and help kids worldwide. Even privileged kids get to have the benefit of helping others.

  I stand by my blog and you should too. If we ignore kids we have no future.

  BTW, I just lost this poker hand writing this and it's really insignificant.

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