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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fair And Balanced Scumbag Of The Weak

 I rip on Fox News because they deliberately misrepresent and manipulate reality and make Conservatives seem like a pack of morons. And many of you may believe that the worst individual at Fox is Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly, and while both are megalomaniacs, they aren't the most awful employee of Fox News. That dubious honour goes to Charles Leaf, a guy you may have never heard of until today.

  Charles Leaf in an investigative reporter who works for Fox5 in New York and has had his recent work featured frequently on Fox News. His recent false news story about Park 51's Sharif El-Gamal's ties to corruption made him a darling amongst NewsCorp's upper echelon. He's been taken under the wing of Megyn Kelly who features his nonsensical non-stories with frequency.
  But it's not only his lack of journalistic integrity that makes him a future star at Fox, but his abrasive nature that they love. His obnoxiousness has resulted in the police intervening in a fight with a cameraman in 1998, and WPMI having to settle a lawsuit after he assaulted a city councilwoman in Alabama. Two years later he hurled homophobic slurs at a man he tried to attack in Detroit and since then has received a long line of complaints about unethical and dishonest behaviour.

  All of these things make Charles Leaf one of the sleaziest reporters in broadcast journalism, but it is what he was arrested for on Friday that makes him an awful human being. The married former Marine has been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a 4 year old girl. While he remains in a New Jersey jail on $250 000 bail, disturbing details about Mr. Leaf continue to surface from various media outlets and his own family members. Charles Leaf's own sister believes that his is a predator and should be locked away for the remainder of his days. He is a scumbag of the worst kind, even according to his own relatives.

  But what I find curious is the lack of reporting about the douchebag from Fox. If you go to their website, it's like their newest ace has nearly vanished save for one of his clips about the Manhattan Mosque. It's bizarre from the agency that prides itself on exposing awful human beings and their actions. Yet the big fellas at NewsCorp haven't uttered a peep or gone on air searching for more possible victims of this sinister stain on humanity.

 Now if this was a reporter of NBC or CNN or even the CBC, there would be far more coverage from Fox than THIS little blurb I had to hunt for. There would be a bonfire with all liberals on a spit with the pervert. There would be broadcasts about how we need to protect our children from these evil left-of-complete-insanity swine who endorse brutalizing our babies. Jerry Falwell would rise from the dead to proclaim the actions of one despicable man to be the work of a sinister feminist vampire cabal. Somebody, somewhere would be really upset and talking about this.

  I do not care who Charles Leaf is employed by because if he has done anything resembling what he is accused of, he is one of the foulest, most evil humans alive. Fair And Balanced reporting dictates that you cover all appalling actions with the same attention and emotion regardless of who committed them. Honest editorial work might include outrage like that in my mind- pure disgust that someone like Charles Leaf could do something so heinous to a child. There may be a call like mine for the lifetime incarceration of all paedophiles without parole. That would be authentic.

  Just because it isn't being blasted all over your favourite media outlet doesn't mean that Charles Leaf is a good guy. In all likelihood, he is a violent narcissist who happens to choose to violate children in the worst way possible. Charles Leaf should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and pay the penalty appropriate for the most horrendous of criminals regardless of who discusses it on television.

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