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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Liar, Liar

I'm just going to say it-  Barack Obama is lying to you when he says that he will work to have the ridiculous Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy repealed. While the discriminatory policy may indeed be overturned during Mr. Obama's presidency, it will not be because of his administration. He's stringing all of us along. Yes, the President is a great guy and a groundbreaker, but he's also lying to his voting base.

  Earlier this week, the Log Cabin Republicans scored a major victory when a justice determined DADAT unconstitutional. Fans of liberty all over the western world rejoiced at this amazing victory. But the Justice Department is preparing to appeal DADT because the President claims he "cannot ignore the laws that are out there". That's an out-and-out lie.

  The past 4 presidents have enforced the rule of the court when laws they felt were unconstitutional were tossed out. Even the current president has refused to acknowledge policies that conflict with his agenda. For example, the administration suspended enforcement of the Widow's Penalty to give Congress time to fix a broken law. In fact, part of the Obama Administration's official policy is to oppose laws they do not agree with.  So why do they insist on continuing to fight the repeal of DADT?

  There is an undeniably terrifying shift in the Republican Party- one that involves theocracy, one hell-bent on destroying personal freedom in the name of an omnipotent being. This philosophical shift has claimed victory over the moral policies of decent men like John McCain, making them completely alter their positions. Mr. McCain has gone from a staunch opponent of DADT to one of its most vocal defenders because he is afraid of being left in the dust by the Tea Party. Wingnuts like Sharron Angle, Meg Whitman, and Christine O'Donnell have risen to the upper echelons in the era that can only be called the Second Coming of Gary Bauer. The monumental amounts of influence that resulted from removing restrictions on campaign donations have enabled so-called special interests to dictate morality.

  This 'new' moral code states that women are inferior and the Gay is some evil force trying to corrupt your children. And like any good bandwagon, everyone wants a high-priced seat on the We Hate Everyone party bus. Front-row seats are available for you and me, so long as we believe everything contained in that mystery beverage they're passing out to paying customers. And a lot of people are drinking up.

  It is this group that Mr. Obama is afraid of. He's so petrified of losing his presidency come 2012 that he'll continue to awkwardly sneak around the issues that the GOP is basing their agenda on. He's hoping that because the majority of people are heterosexual that nobody will notice. He's hoping that issuing talking points like he did today on Twitter will make those sissy homos shut up. But we're going nowhere.

  It absolutely stinks that the president has decided to permit his spine to disintegrate. The man who ran on the idea of sticking up for the little guy has continually proven that he is too afraid of losing his seat to enforce decisions that affect minorities. It's truly sad that the only group truly winning the war on DADT is a Republican one. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is an invasive, discriminatory attack on liberty and enforcing it is financially disastrous. It removes quality members of the military from their jobs during a time of war and peacekeeping. It is absolutely unconstitutional to remove someone from their home or workplace because of something as innate as sexual orientation and the one man who can do something about it is too scared to.

  Barack Obama is quietly proving that if you keep changing your mind, people will stop believing in you.

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