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Monday, October 4, 2010

Call Me Judgmental...

...but I think this constitutes child abuse.

  This is the son of 18 year old Jayla Hamm of Lincoln, Nebraska, and this is the most tame of the photos that her and 19 year old boyfriend Corde Honea took of her baby after a night of partying. The stain on motherhood held her own son against the wall while hillbilly meathead taped him up. After this was taken, they taped his bare legs and body to the wall and took turns mocking the crying child. They then taped his favourite drinking cup to the wall a few inches from his reach to add to the torment. Nice.

  This pair of tits' actions only came to light when the sobered-up mum showed the photos off to her friends. That action alone displays the sickening lack of remorse on the part of the person sworn to protect an innocent. While Mr. Honea is headed off to jail for several years because he's also a dope-dealing gun nut, mum only got 10 days in the clink. Oh, her son was also returned to her custody.

  What the HELL is going on here?

 This 'woman' doesn't deserve to be anywhere near a child, let alone have one in her care. There's no blaming only the dude here, because there is no way that any real mother would permit this to occur, let alone assist it. If someone even suggested something like taping up my baby, I'd feed the asshole a lead sandwich. You could not get me high enough to cause me to do this.

  But what's shocking here is not just that we have an instance of inappropriate idiot parents, because unfortunately those are everywhere. What truly disgusts me is that the mother is allowed to have her son within 10 miles of her. This jillbilly from Hell needs a boot in the face and to have her parental rights removed.

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