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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Song In My Head - And Art For Your Eyes

  Rarely do I feature pure covers of songs, nor do I show fan videos. This is the exception and you'll soon see why.
 I did a list of top cover songs a few years ago (I'll try to find it) and this came in at #2 of all time. It's just that good. Not too bad for a couple of guys from Shawnee, Oklahoma. What's more- this song was their first track ever published. It came out on the Goth Electro Tribute to Depeche Mode album (which I own 2 copies of. thank you ebay) released in 2005.

  DM released the original to critical praise and low sales in 1986, and it has been covered by at least 15 bands, including Rammstein, In Strict Confidence, and She Wants Revenge. It is melodic and edgy, dark and romantic. Shiny Toy Guns captured the essence of the original and offers up a twist for a new generation. The result is an aural delight that is difficult to turn off.
  Add this incredible tribute video by Tanner Gloystein (who is 18, by the way) and you have pure magic.


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