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Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Daily Awesome

  In just another day in the life of a 30-year taxi cab veteran, Sonny Trenholm ventured off to work at around 4 this morning. The 67 year old New Brunswicker decided to take a different route than usual to treat himself to some sweets and cigarettes.

   But as he was moseying along, he discovered that there had been a horrific car accident. The disoriented driver was screaming for help outside of the vehicle, and for good reason. The female passenger was trapped inside and fire was enveloping the Ford SUV. The fearless old gent decided that a stranger would die without help.

  Mr. Trenholm told the woman to try to kick out the window as he ran to his vehicle to grab an iron. He then pulled woman, whose clothes had become ignited, to safety. Mr. Trenholm pulled her jacket off and carried her down the street, trying to offer comfort. And like a scene from a Hollywood film, the vehicle exploded less than a minute later.

  So many people nowadays are too afraid to intervene when someone is in peril. Some fear lawsuits or personal injury, others are apathetic, but in this instance none of those factors were in play and a life was saved. Sonny Trenholm doesn't consider himself a hero, and it's this humility that offers an explanation as to why he was the one person who didn't drive on by.

  In a world full of pain, worry, and tragedy, it is heartwarming to know that one moment can change someone's world. You don't have to pull someone out of a burning vehicle to be a hero, but you must be heroic to do what Sonny Trenholm did this morning.  Live the example.

Photos from the CBC

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  1. This is the stuff that should be on EVERY news station at night - there is just as much good as the bad news spewed all night long ... Thanks - I needed to see some good this morning :)


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