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Friday, October 15, 2010

Yo Twitter!


   I'm taking time out of researching this weekend's nerdy articles because I've been getting messages from all over the planet about a Trending Topic that needs to be dropped.

 #StopThatThatsGay has been on the Twit all night and on your worldwide trend list, and YOU have the power to pull it down. As a private enterprise, you can dictate what content it is that you want to promote. I've witnessed this in action as a pro-Israel topic was pulled a few months ago, because apparently a sovereign nation defending itself really offends you. So please don't say that you have no power over what trends because you and I and all of my readership know that you do. If you didn't, you couldn't have paid TT's like the names of movies or consumer goods.

  If David Duke and his yoyos started a topic that said to kill all Jews or N*ggers (sorry, people) it wouldn't be promoted for longer than 2 seconds. Everyone hatefully abusing the hashtag would be threatened with suspension and the idiot who started it would have their account pulled.

  Gay is not a synonym for stupid, but if you use it as such, it signifies your utter mindlessness. I don't give a flying dog turd if someone famous starts the topic, you are a brain-dead follower if you support it. Also Twitter, if someone high-profile starts these topics, show that you have a spine and treat them like anybody else.

  Stop that, it's HATE.

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