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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Song In My Head

  I'm working on creating a new and quite exciting segment for the blog and this dandy popped into my head creating a pleased response from my brain.

  It is titled Everything's Gone Green and is by British post-punk trio New Order. While it was performed live, it was only initially released in Belgium in 1981. It appears on their 1982 Factus 8 EP, a cassette which I happen to still own

  Their first song to feature computer-generated tones should have been a major hit, but never really hit the mainstream until the late 80's. The inspiration of Ian Curtis is clear throughout, and the guitar you hear is actually Curtis' Vox Phanton Special VI, played by Bernard Sumner. The song was written in a period where Ian Curtis' dark, desperate ghost was very much intermingled with the sound of his surviving bandmates.

  The track that is easily my favourite New Order artwork was accompanied by a video that laid in wait until 2006, when producer Michael Shamberg released it on his website. Directed by the Ford Brothers, it is typical of their work for New Order and an unusual feast for the senses.


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