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Monday, October 18, 2010

What's Your Take on FCKH8 ?

  A new campaign has come out in response to the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and its state counterparts. The Fuck Hate campaign is designed to raise money to take legal action to overturn homophobic state and federal measures like California's Proposition 8. Like any good protest it is accompanied by swag and Youtube videos like this one that I'd like you to check out.

  I admit that as a gay person, I have ambivalent feelings about this advert. Not the idea of equality, but the commercial.

 The video makes many very valid points and uses real-life families to convey the message that we should all be entitled to the same acknowledgment of our families. It's all-too real that in most parts of the United States, decent families are denied the same rights, protection and tax breaks of their neighbours.
  One of my most popular posts was related to the idea of putting folks in our shoes, and the comparisons are extremely valid.  I can also state that gay marriage has the same dynamics as hetero marriage and one shouldn't marry just to make a point about one's political stance. And living in a nation that allows gays to marry, I can also state that our world hasn't come to an end. Nobody really complains about it one way or the other. Families are just that.

  But there's a part of me that doesn't like the FCKH8 campaign as well. To begin with, we have the Republican and Christian commentary. Gay and straight people come from all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and political affiliations. They don't fit into tightly constructed stereotypes. There are gay Republican farmboys and straight urban fashion designers. The greatest recent victory against Don't Ask, Don't Tell was made by a gay Republican group. Human beings are exceptionally diverse and singling out certain groups is divisive.

  My second con here is the language.  While I am aware that hate is far more offensive to my sensibilities than coarse words, I still don't see how it serves us to project ourselves as a bunch of foul-mouthed jerks. I don't cuss around children, nor do I think we should promote children to have potty mouths for any reason. Making a video where little kids are swearing enforces what the bigots think about our parenting skills. It's gaudy and obnoxious and does cast gays in a bad light. Our predecessors proved that one doesn't need to be offensive in order to produce lasting change. You cannot fight hate with hate.

  I still don't know exactly how I feel about the FCKH8 campaign, but I'm going to open the floor known as the comment box to you. Does this ad campaign go overboard or is it just what the doctor ordered?


  1. I flinched every time those kids swore, teaching kids that it is okay to be offensive rather than level headed is sinking to a similiar level as the bigots they protest. I say fuck enforcing hate.

  2. i think you nailed it. the problem with campaign is that it attempts to right a wrong with more wrong. omit the swearing kids and the ad's potential for changing minds increases dramatically.

  3. Frankly, I think they did it the right way. They're tired of really trying it peacefully. If they have to get kids on their side, so be it.

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