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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bullied By Gays

  In light of the publicity and sympathy surrounding gay and questioning teenagers killing themselves, Focus On The Family wants you to remember who the real bullies are.

  According to FOF and folks like Andrew Shirvell, the real evil menace is the gays. I shit you not.

  Mr. Shirvell defends his 'right' to follow, harass, and even videotape University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong, saying that Mr. Armstrong is pushing his evil agenda simply by existing. Despite the fact that Chris Armstrong has never done anything to Mr. Shirvell, the latter insists that the former is " a Nazi-like recruiter for the cult of homosexuality".

  I, for one am sick of this being a morality discussion at all. The only thing that anti-homosexuality measures have ever accomplished are the numbers of suicides and assaults of gay people. Being forced into the closet doesn't cure the imaginary gay disease but produces vast unhappiness and interference into the lives of citizens. The characterization of gays as Nazis is almost laughable if it wasn't such a tragic reference. Anyone who can read knows that the Nazis butchered gay people. This is an historical fact that Focus on the Family and its preachings cannot erase.

  But there are those of you who will remain unconvinced. If you or someone you know has been the victim of bullying by the vicious and hostile gay, click here to report it.

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  1. I would agree with the statement: "The Real Bully are the Homosexuals" in a different sense because countless studies shown that most aggressive homophobes get turned on by watching gay porn, and deny it even with the evidence right under their nose. I was reading a different blog on this subject and it was mentioned in theirs that since the population is only about 3% LGBT that it is up to the breeders to take a stand if LGBT rights are ever to advance, which I agree is true. I know my variety of friends is unusual, but it can't really be that few is it? I know, tangent question, but I still hope you have some insight on it.


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