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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blast From The Past

  When I was a kid I delivered news papers for spending money and the $17 I earned every week made me feel like one of the cool kids. I could afford to play baseball and buy a sweet Rawlings mitt. I had a subscription to Sports Illustrated, but I wouldn't be a kid without candy.

  Glorious, delicious, sweet delights from the fine folks at Topps and Nabisco. I wasn't a big chocolate kid, I wanted sugar and gum and sugary gum. But in the 80's there was one fruity taffy chew I liked more than the most.

  Bonkers are the greatest fruit chew ever made and one of the most awesome candies of all time. One I would ruin my crowns with if it was made today.

  Please Nabisco, bring back the best junk for the three of us old farts who remember it.

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