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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


  Sometimes I discover that I need an explanation, and this is one of those times. I need assistance in determining  the purpose of this item.

  Yes, individually packaged prunes. Hear me out.

  I know that prunes are good for your digestive and cardiovascular system, but why the wasteful packaging? I am a fan of dried fruit and I know sure as Hell that nobody eats just one sweet, delicious anything. It just seems so excessive.

  Plus, if you're out hiking you're going to leave little transparent things for the birds to choke on everywhere. The wrappers are thin enough that you know at least one is going to escape your grasp. And speaking of grasp, these are going to be frustrating for my arthritic hands to open, and most people who eat prunes are old. And if they're not old, they're cold or constipated. Neither situation lends itself to ripping through 14 pieces of plastic to get at a treat.
  What's so difficult about tossing 6 or 7 little nommers in a tin and going?

  If they come out with individually packaged craisins I'm shooting someone.

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