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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friends Don't Let Friends...

...say this word . It is possibly the most horrendous word in the English language. I am exposed to this aural pollutant daily due to living in a rainforest and watching way too many cooking shows . 


Say it aloud without shuddering . Try it . You can't . 

This word conjures up some of the most disturbing visuals and just makes my skin crawl into a corner crying . I mean I KNOW it's common whether one is describing a cake (that I will so NOT buy) or the dewy morning grass .  There's even been a CUPE President named Paul Moist , who is undoubtedly an unfortunate bastard. There was even a very rad Canadian band with the name in the 90's that apparently evaporated.

Make no mistake kids, the frequency of its appearance does not make it any less revolting.

Words that cause such visceral reactions have previously been removed from common usage . Gleimous is one of those . It sounds like something oozing and weepy and gross, and that's exactly what the adjective means . We don't use it anymore other than to gross out our friends . 

Moist needs to be banned . 

Before I go, the 3 most horrid words can be strung together in a sequence of 2 adjectives and a noun . 

Moist, gleimous vagina . 

Enjoy your breakfast.


  1. I used to shudder badly everytime this word was spoken. Then my mother took it upon herself to say it over and over again in an attempt to gross me out. I retaliated by saying, "fine. That word no longer bothers me." And it's mostly true. I have to stop and really WILL myself to say it if I have to, but when I hear it, I no longer VISIBLY shudder. It really IS a VILE word....

  2. I read a terribly written book the other day (I can't help it, once I open it I have to finish, regardless of how awful it is) and it used "weeping red hot furnace" in a romantic way. I was thinking the heroine might need to get it seen to. I was also thinking it must be easy to get published these days if that's the quality of writing out there.

  3. These are some of the words that make my skin crawl: Moist, Mucas, Phlegm, Cyst, Pus and Ooze. eeewwww.....


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