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Friday, October 1, 2010

Media Matter

  Rick Sanchez is getting blasted for comments he made about Jon Stewart, Jews, and racism. Now I'll let you hear the interview and see if you find Mr. Sanchez offensive.

  Now, it's pretty clear that Mr. Sanchez has bought into the idea of Jewish media control and elitism and then tries to excuse it because he grew up with Jews. You know those guys who control everything.
  If you look at a list of 15 top news executives (Roger Ailes, Michael Clemente, Brit Hume, Anne Sweeney, David Westin, Amy Walter, Sean McManus, Paul Friedman, Christopher Isham, Ken Jautz, Bart Feder, Sam Feist, Steve Capus, Phil Griffin, and Chuck Todd) , you'll notice that only one is actually Jewish. Rick Sanchez is not only bigoted, but factually wrong. 

 The thing is Akre and Wilson v. Fox proved that people have the right to lie. The burden is on the listener or reader to see if information is factual. Unless he tells people to kill the rich bastard Jews, there is no crime. However, the right to free speech is not without consequences. 

  People are guaranteed a right to say nearly anything they wish, even if it is wrong. However that right does not absolve someone from being held to account for what he or she says. That same clause ensures that we are able to point out that Rick Sanchez is a racist liar. We are allowed to write that his statements were wrong, say on camera that he is biased, and even shout from a rooftop that Rick Sanchez is a brainless bigoted bozo.  I'm allowed to turn you to 1:40 of this video where Rick Sanchez claims bullying is a made up term and then point out that it has been in common usage since the 1600's.

  Media freedom gives people the permission to be stupid, but doesn't absolve them of responsibility. Despite the delusions of some anchors, they really aren't gods. Media meatheadedness has existed since the first caveman stood on a rock and proclaimed his opinions superior to those of others. We are free to express ourselves, hold opinions, change them, and challenge those of others. People like Rick Sanchez should not be held responsible for every listener that is too lazy to seek the truth, however he is not free from critique. 

  Never stop thinking.


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