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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reality Chick

  Charlie Sheen was taken to the hospital last night after cops found the naked actor drunk and high ranting and raving in his hotel. He apparently flew into a rage after he thought a hooker stole his cell phone and wallet, causing over $7000 in damage to a suite. Even better, his ex-wife and daughters were in the next room.

  The police took him to the psych ward instead of arresting the man, who admitted being on a bender. But check this out - his reps claim that his antics were the result of a prescription medication overdose.

  I know there are a few rare instances where Cocaine can be prescribed, but they are close laboratory and/or surgical settings, and Charlie was boozing it up with a prostitute. This is a guy who is coming off of a mandatory rehab stint for terrorizing his wife. He's also been convicted of assaulting another girlfriend and been in and out of rehab more times than Lindsay Lohan. Plus, he was engaging in his assholery in close proximity to 2 of his kids.

  But why the free passes? Mel Gibson and Tom Sizemore were publicly crucified for their behaviours, but everyone just dismisses this as Charlie being Charlie. His circle of sycophants offering up ridiculous defenses simply reinforces his sense of invincibility, never offering him any incentive to change. All of these hangers-on are going to assure the early (and messy) death of a man who is gifted with as much talent as arrogance.

  Charlie Sheen is a very sick man. He has serious mental health problems that he copes with by abusing alcohol, drugs, and everyone around him. He attracts delusional women who believe that they can repair a very damaged man who considers himself above reproach. Blessed with natural proficiency, lovely children, and adulation; Charlie Sheen has every reason in the world to attempt to become a better member of the species. As it remains, Charlie will never hit bottom because he has too many artificial allies, people who hope that his flair will somehow rub off on him.

  Charlie Sheen is a self-involved, abusive dickhead because people permit him to be. He's used his bad boy image to justify becoming a terrible human being. I've seen too many go down this road and it always leads to a casket. Addiction may be a disease, but it doesn't absolve you of responsibility, and it doesn't completely alter your fundamental character.

  If a rose is a rose, an asshole is still an asshole.

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