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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Kids Are Alright

  I get sent things all of the time to check out, but for some reason I clicked one from an Aussie micro named Nicole, and I'll just let her tell you the story:

I am Nicole and i am 19.. i love to sing and i want to go somewhere with it one day.. I am gay and very proud to be gay!
I like to keep myself around positve things and people. People that inspire me, like my friends who are openly gay.. i find it amazing and brave..

when i was growing up and even now,  i find that music helps me when im sad, nervous, scared or even bored... good charlotte, pink, chris brown, paramore, jay sean, jason derulo and my fav, justin bieber because he was a nobody and through youtube became a star, he was heard. thats i want, i just wanna be heard.

i heard about teens who are gay that commit suicide because they dont have support or they are bullied. i found this really sad.. My parents dont accept me being gay, but my friends help me through it. some people dont have that.. im lucky.

 so i put this video up. if some kid, somwhere hears me, and for one second believes that its okay to be who they are, then thats enough to save their life. Thats one step to getting equality ..pretty awesome right?
a kid wants to hear from another kid that its okay to be different.. im that kid telling someones daughter or son, if we all do it, imagine how safe they would feel. no more teen suicides.

i love being different.. im a girl and i skate, thats different. im a tomboy and i like to sing... if we all the same, it would suck ass..

thank you again for listening to my story..
sorry i cant write well,  i do the singing..

have a great day..


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