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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Truth Is Out There, And It's Funnier Than Fiction

  I confess- I have never seen Avatar. The sheer length of the film and the fact that it's a Jame Cameron vehicle have basically scared me away from seeing it at a theatre. Those who know me know that I have video narcolepsy- I fall into a very wonderful and deep sleep during cinematic epics lasting longer than 2 hours. I have fallen asleep during every episode of the Lord of the Rings and during the first of the new Star Wars films in the presence of 100 coworkers.

  But right now I cannot sleep, so I'm going to bring you something that might just be your dream come true.

  Boys- have you ever wanted to boink an alien? I'm not talking about your Colombian housekeeper, but one from another planet? Well, now you can with the Alien Fleshlight. If you don't believe me watch this very convincing advert from the world's largest producer of silicone orifices and act NOW before this too vanishes into thin air.

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