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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What CAN You Do Today?

  We're a wired-in society. We take pride in having the latest cool gadgets and being connected to our peers in real time. And if you're like me, you have one of these sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. You might have disliked the company, bought a disposable for an international trip, or annoyed that it won't support Tweetdeck. Your old pocket rocket might not be pretty and not have a camera, but it's useless parked in a box in your spare bedroom or under the jump seat of your F-150.

  So what can you do with your old toys besides make some weird art project? Well, you can donate your phones, batteries, chargers, and related items to Hopeline. It's sponsored by Verizon and they operate a free help line for those who are experiencing domestic violence and other types of harassment. Not only that, but they refurbish the phones for use by abuse sufferers with free airtime to help them get the assistance and freedom they need. Even if your phone is a junker and cannot be used, they'll use parts and dispose of the remainder in an ecologically responsible fashion. This is one big win that we can all contribute to.

  To donate your phone or get help if you are in a crisis situation, go here and help you or someone else escape the crime that is so rampant in our society. You and I can do this.

  Thank you again, I know I ask for a lot.

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