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Friday, October 1, 2010

Grandfather Clause

  Back in the day (and even when I was a kid) there were cautionary videos, many of which were produced by Sid Davis. 
  Mr. Davis was an accomplished mountaineer and reasonably well-known actor, but he made his bounty off of celluloid paranoia. Sold to schools and police departments, Stranger Danger and Marijuana Gateway themes became THE word in fear doctrine. 

  Some of his films  were actually credited for inspiring crimes and the following film was one of many based loosely on the murder of one girl in the 50's. Mr. Davis became a millionaire by warning children that death in its most horrific forms was imminent, and that outsiders were evil. Exaggerating our darkest fears was the name of the game and exploiting minorities to make a buck was fair game. 

  In that vein I offer you the 1961 film that warns boys about the omnipresent predatory homosexual. 

  This is Boys Beware, and the film and its inherent hatred are so very real. 

  Take awhile to explore exactly how fear becomes virulent.

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  1. His advice is good regarding ALL strangers but saying "homosexuality is a contagious disease" is ridiculous, as is assuming that homosexuality and paedophilia are synonomous.I know many gay people who would never dream of touching a child and I'm certain there are straight people who would love nothing more.


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