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Friday, July 9, 2010

6 People You Should Follow This Friday

  Follow Friday is something started on social networks to give a shout-out to those who are on your friend list about others you find interesting. People used to write a sentence about why to check out their cool contact, but that seems to have become less common. Now people just tweet/myspace post their entire buddy lists without qualifying them. I could do that, since there is a valid reason why I follow those I do, but I'll give you some backgrounder on a few of the fine folks that make my internet experience a bit more interesting.

  If I don't mention you today, don't be offended. People can see that if I message you five times a day that I think pretty highly of you. I will try to get everyone eventually.

  Here she flies :

Guy Gutraiman ( @9uy) Olafsvik, Iceland by way of Israel  : I have been reading this man's fine work since we became Mobsters buddies on MySpace a few years ago, and he has evolved into one of the most unique writer I have experienced. You can find his website in the sidebar, and do take a look around. From interviews with Iceland's finest faces to photojournals to politics, Guy will keep you ticking.

Shai Specht (@RabbiShaiSpecht) New York : My pet Rabbinical Magic Mushroom is a bounty of positive thoughts and real-life solutions to everyday problems. What's more, he loves everybody. Shai is also one funky musician when he is not overseeing micromen getting the clip. Shroom is a must-follow for anyone seeking enlightenment, a joke, or just a way to brighten their day.

Brandon S. Allbery (@geekosaur) Pittsburgh, PA : BSA is a real-deal multipurpose nerd for you and me. Brandon is a UNIX OG, a wealth of information, and possibly the greatest American-born soccer geek on Twitter. Whether you are a Seattle Sounders fan or root for Arsenal, this IS your guy. Exactly HOW I stumbled upon Geek is a mystery, but he is one of the first cats I followed on Twitter and there are a multitude of reasons. Go get your brain tickled.

Sunje Schwarz (@Sternenfee) South Florida, USA : Sunje is a reason to love Germans again. She comes with emotionally hilarious baggage known as Kurtis (@kurtismarsh) and his crazy fun kid Sara (@Escribblez), but she is amazing by her lonesome. The Dithmarscherin is a sweetheart for sure, but adds a wry humour with a quick draw. Be forewarned : She tweets often, but you will most often love her tweets that flow from someone navigating a newish land with an open mind. Even better, she follows awesome people. Take the whole awesome and diverse clan for a spin. You won't be sorry.

D. Sina Amesdon (@SinaAmedson) Los Angeles : The Persian who isn't a douchebag, but plays one for a living. Sina is an old-school style comic, the kind of guy who will sleep in his car on the way to making a new city of people laugh. He introduced me to Sunje, among others, and he is the go-to guy whether you need to laugh, cry, or lose your lunch. He is a little guy with a big heart whom I've seen evolve into a very competent laugh-producing furball. For more info on his hilarity, just search "Sina" in the box above and get the taste of a guy who will do anything to make you feel awesome.

Cine T. (@razormuses) North Carolina : The mental gutshot with a soul. Dare to challenge your preconceptions with a woman of immense experience and will packaged in a razor-sharp coating. She was putting roofs on before your daddy's sperm had a home and you best listen up. What you'll find is one of the world's coolest mothers, who also happens to be a great-grandmother. But don't get any ideas here, this is not some old lady. This Superbeast is acid and alkaline, but never anything in between. If you're not already following her, do so or I'll eat your children you'll be sorry.

  Thus ends my first installment of the follow action, and be sure to check out any of them. I will expand on these, so don't be surprised if your name pops up next. 


  1. WOW. Im beyond honored. I think very highly of you Mika. You challenge me on a daily basis, to look deeper into this world that we all misinterpret.Your thoughts add insight,laughter & at times a big "huh?", but Im never disappointed when i come to your blog.Peace sweet sister. And as a side note: Those that are hassling you now, know ALL TO WELL what a bitch Karma can be.(Karma came to ME one day & said I was a bitch. {{{hugs}}}

  2. Hey Mika, are you sure you we are talking about the same guy here?!

  3. haha! It really has been a long while. I remember your whaling expeditions, economic collapse photos from Rejkjavik, and blogs about awesome Israeli and *Icelandic ladies. It's been awhile :)



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