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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Media Moment

  The disco band Boney M (yes, they're still alive) performed a recent concert in Gaza. But one of their hit tunes was given the boot. It seems that the chorus of Rivers Of Babylon offended the powers that be. You see, it mentions the Book of Psalms and it might confuse future terrorists into thinking that Jews and Christians are people looking for their homeland. That content was deemed inappropriate for the Palestinian International Festival and was canned.

The lead singer was quoted as saying "I don't know if it was a political thing or not, but they asked us not to do it and we're a bit disappointed."

Well yes Maizie Williams, it IS political. Hamas doesn't want the world to know that Gaza sports not just Muslims, but Jews, Christians, Druze, and even animists. Yes kids, there ARE Jewish Palestinians who have been there long before Papa Hamas has been. Even Jenny Jones of former talk-host glory is a Jewish Pali. Old-school Jews even have a friendly nomer amongst other Arabs.

But the Jews are the bad guys.  Even if this was true, everyone should dig peace amongst men, right? Well, apparently the old Imams who want you to think they are oppressed have no problem with censorship.The land where Mein Kampf is a permanent fixture on the Arabic language book charts has zero problem with censoring other folks.

Again,  Ms. Williams it is political. The ideals of the folks who censor you murder people for not fitting a societal norm. And your genre helped remove discrimination. You might want to look into the politics you are promoting prior to future performances. Your integrity is not worth a payday.

Let's go have a problem with this song eh?

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