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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Try Honesty

  Jeremy London of "I'm not sure where I've seen you before" fame claimed last month to have been carjacked at gunpoint and forced to do drugs. Afterward he claimed that his amazing acting skills got him out of the situation and saved his hide. Naturally, since he didn't want his family telling the possible truth, he sued them and got them slapped with a gag order because he's just SO secure in his tale of heroic escape.

Seems fairly believable that a recovering drug addict who has lost his fame would be kidnapped and forced to use his drug of choice, right?

 The dude who allegedly kidnapped Mr. Famewhore London was arrested on 5 charges and claims that "that dude from Party of Five" (my words here) was his voluntary sidekick for a night of debauchery. The arrested man, Brandon Adams claims he didn't know who the dude was, but hooked up Jeremy London with Xanax and Oxy in exchange for beers and they partied into the wee hours. That's right, Mr. Adams admits to committing a crime, but still sticks to his version of events.

  Naturally, the unemployed actor has sold his horrifying story to People magazine and has now inked a deal to star on Celebrity Rehab with that other famewhore, um what's his name... Dr. Drew Pinsky.

  Am I the only one on the PLANET who thinks that this is a carefully calculated ploy to get Jeremy London back into the limelight? I mean the timing certainly couldn't be better. He goes from former actor into a somebody again based on a bizarre tale where he is saved by the traits that he wants everyone to think he has. He's a HERO, man.

  I'm calling BULLSHIT on this one.

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