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Monday, July 19, 2010

Yummy Treat

  KFC has unleashed some nutritional tragedies recently - the gravy-filled multi-layer bowls and the Double-Down come to mind here. And Canada has her own high-calorie beasts, from the 560-calorie Vegetarian Sandwich to the 970-cal Poutine from hell. And now, KFC Canada has introduced a strange creation that sports a very peculiar name.

 It's called The Box Master and it is not for those on any diet. A sandwich composed of a fried chicken patty, deep-fried hash brown, some unidentifiable sauce,"cheese" and a few veggies rolled up in a tortilla. At 719 calories and 43 grams of fat, this sucker is worse than the Double-Down. It also sports 56 grams of simple carbs and two-thirds of your daily sodium requirement. And this is if you eat just one and don't include the bacon option.

  The NAME of this thing seems like a macho double-entendre. I'm thinking that is the point since there are a million other things to call this cerebrovascular accident inducing burrito. It could be the Tempromandibular Terrorist, the Coronary Chalupa, or Constipation Vacation. I know that KFC will never be confused with health spa cuisine, but this is ridiculous. It's a given that if you consume too many of these that the only box you'll be mastering will be made of pine.

 Please make this shit stop.

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