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Monday, July 19, 2010

Call Me Judgmental....

.... but if you have permanently inked yourself with the logo of an energy drink, I'm going to assume you're an enormous douchenozzle. I won't even need to see the fact that you have "Monster Man For Life" tattooed across your wrists or "Schwing" right above your pecker to think this. I can almost ignore the poorly-placed piercings, weird chest-hair manicure and horrendous haircut simply because of the day-glo tragedy permanently poked into your side. It's all just so wrong.

  I really hope this Wal-Mart stockboy can find it inside himself to come up with an identity that isn't revolved around advertising a product that won't be around in 5 years. But since I am not holding out much for this cat, here's to a future ass-billboard of Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy condom collection.

(***sidebar*** Yes this tattoo and the ones discussed in this blog are real. Sorry.)


  1. know I sling Ink,you just wouldn't believe what people want PERMANENTLY placed under their skin.That ought to look kick ass when he's in his 40's heh heh

  2. Not quite as bad as the lady that got the "Golden Palace Casino" tat on her freakin' forehead. :)


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