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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Canadiana : Happy Birthday/RIP

  This was going to be a birthday blog for one of Canada's foremost character actors and all-around class acts. However, Maury Chaykin left the planet today, on his 61st birthday and that kind of bums me out. I mean amazing football giants Jack Tatum and Murray Galbreath also left the Earth today, so it hasn't been a great day for a lot of folks. But back to Maury.

  The cool thing about Maury Chaykin was his attitude- he loved life and didn't care for fame. He was the kind of guy who felt no dishonour in taking character roles even though he won tons of awards. He could play nearly any role and refused to be typecast. I remember him from a show called Seeing Things that ran in Canada in the 80's but you Americans might remember him as Nero Wolfe or Harvey Weingard on Entourage. He's one of those dudes that you sort of see everywhere because he has such a long resume and humbly helped to revive the acting profession in a country that he wasn't even born in. 

Luckily for us, We get to catch him on the upcoming series The Drunk And On Drugs Happy Fun time Hour (stars 5 guys from the Trailer Park Boys and Amy Sedaris) and in the Mordechai Richler penned Barney's Version, which is set to release in October.

 So long big guy. Guess your birthday kind of bit.

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