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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scumbag Of The Weak

  Mel Gibson has a ton of money, an army of dedicated fans, and 8 kids. He's also a complete asshole.

  We all remember Mel being pulled over for being a drunk idiot behind the wheel and unleashing a torrent of racial slurs on a Jewish cop. Now, a whole pile of people gave him a free pass on this, but I didn't. For some people, booze is truth serum ; in fact old armies used it as such. I knew he was a racist scumbag and stopped putting my money anywhere near his mouth.
   Other people gave him a pass because he "was raised that way" by a holocaust-denying douchebag father. Again, not I, for I know all about crappy parenting and managed to make it out alive and reasonably sane.

  Recently, a tape surfaced where Melvin the Menace told his ex that he "hope(s) she get(s) raped by a pack of n*ggers". People were aghast at the racial prejudice shown, and some people really weren't surprised. But what people seem to forget is that under this horrendous slur is a message that he wants the mother of his child to be gang-raped. Melvin hates women so much he wants any that do not submit to his authority to be tortured in the worst way possible.

  There were suggestions that Mr. Meathead might also not just talk about harming women, but actually do it. Mel denied this despite the presence of photos of Oksana with a battered face. You see, men hit women in the face especially to shame them into submission because our twisted society still looks down on a woman who dared to show her mangled melon in public. (think of the children!) But still, Mel denied being such a monster. Unfortunately he was caught on tape not only admitting to hitting the woman who he vowed to make a life with when she was carrying his youngest child, but he is PROUD of it.
NO amount of "my daddy was a jerk" whining can excuse Mel Gibson for any of these horrendous actions. Unlike Chris Brown, Mel is a man in his 50s with a specific pattern of hateful, abusive behaviours. If you didn't get the message that he was a reprehensible stain on humanity before, it should be loud and clear now. Do not support this poor excuse for a man or anyone who desires to work with him in any way whatsoever. Some of the worst crimes are not committed by those who do the deed, but those who stand by and condone it.

  As for you Mel, I hope Oksana takes you for every last cent she is due. She enabled your "second kick at being a family man" image and you destroyed it as well as any future relationship with your young child. You've been given more fame and money than you deserve, so use it to vanish or buy a shotgun and blow your head off. I don't care, just disappear somewhere to await a coward's fate rotting in hell. Wife-beating racists do not deserve any form of joy whatsoever and that is exactly what you are. No amount of running or PR or blaming your asshole father can fix the monster that you allowed yourself to become. You are a scumbag because you CHOOSE to be.

  You are going to the hell that you created.

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