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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Your Daily Awesome

  Another amazing thing happened today while everyone was talking LeBron, and it came from the world of GOLF. Now, I may not be the world's largest golf nut, but this is really awesome.

  46-year-old Paul Goydos shot a 59 at the John Deere Classic. Zero bogeys, twelve birds, and the closest thing to perfection that golf gets. The no-name old guy accomplished something that only three other men have done in the history of pro golf, and none of those guys is names Jack, Arnold, or Tiger. This coming from a man who has only won 2 tournaments in his entire 18 year career.

  The cool part here is that he only leads by one stroke, with 20-year veteran Steve Stricker firing a rare 60 on the same day. Two of the game's biggest hearts cemented their names into the books together.

  While the PGA is often seen as a young man's game, 2 old guys showed those fry how it's done.

  Now watch Paul sink this pretty putt.

  Don't mind me. This stuff makes me goofy.

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