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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yummy Treat

  BrewDog is a Scottish brewery that likes to brew ultra-premium beers. In fact, they've been a feature of a previous Yummy Treat segment . This time, they have done the unthinkable and brewed the strongest beer of all time, one as strong as the most potent whiskeys.
  The End of History is a sipping beer that packs a whopping 55% (110 proof) alcohol by volume. The juniper-based brew sold out within hours of introduction at a premium price - 500 to 700 British Pounds per BOTTLE.

  The potent potable is not only pricey because of its exclusivity, but because of the packaging. The 700GBP bottle are packaged inside squirrel cadavers and 500GBP one inside bodies of ermine (a foot-long weasel). I'm with the animal rights folks here- this is absolutely unnecessary. Killing hundreds of animals solely to package beer inside their bodies seems like one of the most arrogant displays of cruelty and conspicuous consumption I can think of. Moreover, people in the UK often keep squirrels as pets, much like we would a hedgehog or ferret. Again, an animal as a BEER vessel. This is degrading to the spirit of the poor beasts that were victimized so Jim Watt could push the alcohol envelope.
  I called Jim Watt genius for his previous brew, but he missed the boat here. Yes, he found 600 people who like drinking booze from corpses, but he also sent the message that he doesn't care about anything other than publicity. And he's lost me as a fan. I don't eat or wear animals and I'm certainly not going to drink any beer, no matter how tasty, out of one.

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