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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Animal Instinct

  I've been known to rip on people for doing stupid and neglectful things to their pets.Loads of critters become disabled or die because folks are too busy to stop and think of Rover. And then there is this :

  In Pennsylvania, a Lab named Max was forgotten in a car. It was over 90 degrees out and his lady had forgotten about him after she unloaded all of the parcels and returned to the house. And a horn started blaring. The lady looked outside a few times and figured it was some random yoyo's alarm. After it persisted, she realized that it was her car and there was Max in the driver's seat with his paws on the horn.
  Naturally, Max's human rushed out to get him water and zipped him to the vet and outside of heat exhaustion and being scared shitless, the 11-year-old canine will be just fine.

  I don't know how one forgets a large-breed dog for an hour, but I'm glad he was smart enough to sound the alarm. Hopefully he drops a nice steaming loaf on the bathroom floor.


  1. Dig this. Yesterday a woman left an infant in the car, left the car running & went into Circle K. I waited for her to come out.As if the 97 degree HEAT wasn't enough of an issue, people DO steal kids. She called the cops on ME.Yeah I said a few abusive things...but guess who got arrested? wasn't me. Kidz & pets are defenseless when it comes to adult jackasses. Great post roof.

  2. I love you Razor. And good on you for getting that child away from her stupid "mother". xo


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