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Monday, July 5, 2010

Bacon-Related Post of the Week

  For some reason, the Bacon category is one of your favourite off-beat categories and I found this gem due to a post by my friend Rosina. ( @RGisGreat on the Twit) I found this chunk on Youtube (the host site has it on a running loop which can get annoying after 27 minutes of wondering when the hell the song will end) and there have been serious discussions about it. The vegetarians seem to be winning the battle of grammar and the meatheads seem to be funnier. People REALLY seem to be offended by this silly cartoon and are insulting each other over it.
  Sometimes people need to chill the fuck out and laugh at things like this. I mean, it could be perceived as pro-oink so the goys can enjoy and it could equally be taken as sarcasm, which the brocco-brains should like as well. Either way, it was likely created by a dude who had just smoked a reefer and got a weird idea in his head.
  So have a look and a listen and try not to kill me when this song gets stuck in your noggin.



  1. I was gonna watch it but i dont need a bacon song stuck on the jukebox in my head ;P

  2. Mmm...bacon. It's everyones favorite because it's delicious. Bacon is my favorite food group.


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