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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goober Moment of the Geek

 I am continually amazed by those of you who take time out of their days to peruse the latest things brewing from my mind on this blog.
  Technology is pretty awesome when you think about it, and computing has evolved even beyond the dreams of Heinlein and Asimov. It's pretty easy to think of online grocery shopping as being far-fetched when a typical modem looks like this.
  I was always a bit of a techie. I was the go-to geek from grade 3 until high school, where the programming language was still BASIC.

  My uncle gave me one of these and it was my first experience not only with the PC platform, but also with storing my thoughts on a machine. The Amstrad Portable PC was the toy that started this blog.
 The geerkery took a back seat to survival for some amount of years, but there were moments where I had access to some of the emerging technology and it was incredible. I 5recall being absolutely mesmerized by a chat board when I was around 20 . Very few people were online at home and most folks carried disks to libraries and coffee houses that had access.

   Cue to the last decade, where anyone and everyone can use this once-difficult medium. More and more people gain their news, watch sports, and converse using the evolution of what used to require a PhD to use efficiently. it also permits people to discover thing that they enjoy, and for me, I enjoy writing. While I have been blogging in some capacity longer than some of you are alive, the switch about 2 years ago to this website has enabled me to blog more easily and more people to have access to the funky things that fly out of my brain. And I feel pretty blessed that folks like you have decided that you dig my quirky site.

  While I try to come up with content that appeals to the majority of you, I'm sure not everyone will be happy all of the time, and that's okay. It takes all kinds of people to occupy our planet and there are genuine human beings behind every comment, blog entry, or tweet. Just as you go about your daily lives, so do I, and it is pretty cool that we get a chance to meet in the middle.

  I'd like to thank the imaginative nerds that made it possible for you and I to interact. It seemed so impossible when we were children and calling your grandmother overseas could cost half a day's wages that this would be a possibility. I'd also like to give a shout-out to all of you, whether today is your first or thousandth time here. Ya'll make it easy to pick up the computer and tell the news from my perspective. If there is any way to make you folks enjoy your 10 minutes here more fun, by all means tell me how to do it.  

  Despite any rumours to the contrary, I am doing very well and I do wish the best for each one of you. I feel immense gratitude to those who have witnessed my little journey and am looking to the future with openness.

  Thank you from the centre of my being.

Be well.

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