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Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Comprendo

  Most of us know what toe-socks are and opinions on them as a fashion item are pretty polar- you don't witness a lot of ambivalence. Folks either loathe them or sing their praises.

  There's another crowd that doesn't dig the look, but believes single-pocket footwear to be restrictive. For runners and yogis, it is function over form. There's a perception that having individual toes contacting the surface, that there will be an increase in response and a better overall result. This, I buy. This makes absolute sense to me and enough to other people that there are running shoes that have individual toes.

THIS however, I cannot get my head around. The nearly-toeless "half-toe" sock. Proof that some inventions really are ridiculous lies here. Not only do we normally throw away socks with their toes missing, these things take the grip away from the fronts of your feet making them only useful for doing moonwalks. You know that feeling of lint between your toes  that could make you want to take your shoe off under any circumstance? This is the psychosomatic sensation I got when I first saw these beasts. Wretched.
  ToeSox advertises them to permit a better grip (your nicely manicures toes over nubs), but every stretch sister who's tried them utterly hates them. I need an explanation here. Please don't tell me it is form, because I think toeless socks are hideous. Could someone give me a reason for their existence other than a large increase in need for fishing gloves for the armless?

I do not understand.

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  1. I must admit I bought a pair of toe socks once..they had bats on em so I felt obligated *wink*. They were uncomfortable & kept my tootsies cold.As far as the half toe socks, I guess if your a toenail biter Ie:Demi Moore in Ghost..then hey... Score!


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