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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cool Riders

There is a lot of controversy about the ongoing battles in Afghanistan and there are editorials and protest marches. But the thing is that no amount of objection will bring back the lives already lost nor restore quality of life to the increasing number of catastrophically injured young people who sacrifice themselves in an effort to bring peace to a land destroyed by centuries of war.

  But there are those of us who support the individuals who give it all up for what they believe in, which brings me to a cause that I support in any way I can. Wounded Warriors offers support to injured soldiers and their families in a variety of ways. From flying families to visit their critically wounded members to providing mobility devices to offering help for those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, these guys get donations to where it is needed most.

  Saturday was their annual ride along the stretch of highway 401 where the dead often take their last trip. Not only is this done to raise money for a cause but to honour those who have passed and those presently serving. Wounded Warriors is always on the go riding hogs, playing rock-and-roll, and finding new ways to get the message out about the forgotten wounded soldier. No matter your opinion about whether or not we should be involved in overseas conflicts, take a moment to show appreciation for those who are braver than you.

  Check out Wounded Warriors HERE

To support the Coast-to-Coast Motorcycle Relay click HERE

USA Wounded Warrior Project

UK Help For Heroes

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