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Monday, July 12, 2010

9 Lives

  Some of you have been hanging around long enough to know that my cat vanished only to have wandered back to my previous home and be discovered over a month later. With this in mind, imagine the joy experience by the humans of this black cat.

  You see, Weezy has been gone for 8 months and the family that she was part of presumed her lost forever. That is, until the Peace River, Alberta residents received a call from the Whitehorse SPCA. (For those of you who don't know exactly where this is, I've provided you with a map. The hot pink line is the shortest distance between the two cities.) It seems that their cat is alive and well and was presumed to be a stray until she cheerfully hopped into the vehicle of an animal control officer. After noting that the cat was microchipped it was discovered that she had travelled a minimum of 1,142 kilometres and seems to be in fairly decent shape considering her journey.

  And it gets better. An elderly Alberta couple just happened to be vacationing in Whitehorse and heard of the little girl missing her kitty and offered to drive the friendly furball home to be reunited with her family.

  I love happy endings.

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