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Saturday, July 24, 2010


  If you are single and have living parents, chances are one or both might attempt to do everything in their power to relieve you of your happily unmarried status. The meddling mother comes in all ethnic and religious varieties and chances are about 50-50 that you have been afflicted by one of these. And I am no exception.

  Despite the fact that I have lived thousands of miles from my mum for most of my adult life, she still feels it is necessary to stick her nose in my uterus. From loathing everyone I've dated to trying to marry me off to whomever she meets, my mum has turned into a yenta of atomic proportions. And now someone has designed a website for people like my mother. Oy to the vey.

  Geri Brin really wants to marry off her 31 year old son and has tried to set him up with every single woman she's crossed paths with to no avail. Sonny boy says that he's proud to be a momma's boy with an overbearing jewish mother who will do anything for him. (Which MAY be why he's still single. That and the fact that he even works with his mummy.) Anywho, Ms. Brin decided to drop some coin to set up a website to find a wife for her kid and to assist other parents in setting up their offspring. And people are indeed volunteering their kids to the interweb masses in droves.

  After perusing the website I feel grateful that my mother is not nearly as crazy as most of these ones. While I may kvetch about mine, she really doesn't seem too bad in comparison to New York's finest.
  But as for the "kids", in my personal experience the prospect of having a husband who is his mum's lap dog will make 99% of women RUN in the opposite direction. Women want to feel safe and honoured, not to be second-best and second-guessed by a boy-man who is terrified of the matriarch. Well ladies, what is your opinion here?

  The problem with this website is not just that it reinforces some of the most ridiculous stereotypes, but that it cosigns dependent parental behaviours. Kids do grow up and live, love, and make mistakes. If one or both of your parents coddle you into your thirties you will never be a normally functioning adult without spending a hundred grand on therapy. Parents, let go of your kids. They really will be okay, and if something's wrong, they'll tell you.

The photo is of the long suffering Colby Brin and his ankle weight mother .

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