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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello Vancouver!

This also means you folks in Washington, Oregon, and California.

  We must find this aberration and make him go down for life.

  Jef Emery has been convicted of setting his partner ablaze, extinguishing it, and then lighting her into a ball of hell because he likes to see females suffer. Five years ago this scumbag ran, and he is an average-looking guy who hurts people.

  He's 54 and 6'3". He carries a good 250 plus on his frame. If you see this beast call 1-800-222-8477


  1. Holy shit, he is a spitting image of a guy I just watched a Doco on, who killed his wife by a lethal injection. Might pay if you see anyone that loks like this to cross over to the othaside of the road, and yes this dude is fucking sick!!

  2. Geeeze, yet another abuser.It is so sad that the men women choose to love,can't just love them back.My favorite word comes to mind...Karma.


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