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Friday, July 16, 2010

Reality Soundbite

  I have ripped some shit on Casey Anthony in the past because I believed that she had done something loathsome to her daughter. And I still do. The stain on humanity either killed her child physically or in some way enabled it. Either way, in the state of Florida and in my mind, you are a murderess.

  But there was a little something that occurred today that struck me. It was the mother of the alleged baby killer. Cindy Anthony's utterance that it smelled like death in Casey's car was admitted into evidence, and that's fine and dandy. But it was dear old mum trying to somehow claim that she only said it to get the police to show up. She also stated that she still believed her grandchild alive, but I can accept that. Sometimes my mother forgets my brother is dead, it's pretty average on the level of grief.

 I digress. Cindy Anthony stated that she made the "dead body" comparison to draw police instead of saying her kid had stolen a car, possessed narcotics, or any of the thousands of statements related to criminal behaviour. Dead. Body. This makes even more sense when you realize that Cindy Anthony is a nurse and old dad used to be a police officer.  The elder Anthony is out and out lying if she says that the analogy is a mistake. Human decomp has a very specific, nearly indescribably noxious fetor. I will tell you from experience that there really is nothing on the planet like it. Whether it is from our fat content, the crap we put into our bodies, or our sensitivity to the aroma of dead members of our species, we smell horrid after we kick it.

  If you have ever smelled a putrefied corpse, you cannot lie and say you haven't. Everyone in the western hemisphere knows that Cindy Anthony is lying to save her kid's life. Some people would be tempted to save a sociopathic family member from their required punishment. I absolutely understand that it is difficult to think of one's own child as a savage. But if she really wants to save Casey from riding the lightning, she should tell the truth and give the bitch a choice as to her fate. Confess and do life, continue being a dicksmack and get Florida's ultimate penalty.
  Neither sentence will bring back a child. Caylee Anthony didn't want to drink and fuck everyone in sight- she wanted to play with toys and paint like any other kid. But the person sworn to protect her from danger was so focused on hedonism over homemaking that an angel's life was stolen.

  Cindy Anthony has to choose between living in a fantasy and the reality that her daughter is likely going to be taking a forever taxpayer-supported nap. Pretending that your daughter is not nefarious will not bring your grandchild back. Don't perjure yourself because you feel guilty about the beast your spawn became. It is simply not worth being incarcerated for fabricating a defense for a malevolent deviant who does not care about anyone other than herself.

 Below is the admitted phone call, and you can understand why it is damning. Listen to someone who does care and someone who doesn't in 2 minutes or less. 

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