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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Possibly The Greatest New Product Ever

  Do you risk gangrene by sleeping on your arm? Well my favourite store has an app for that.

   This is the Arm Sleeper Pillow and it is glorious. Not only can you sleep on your side or belly without waking up with an arm so numb that you slap yourself in the face, but you can spoon with your mate without looking like you're dreaming about doing the Safety Dance. It also facilitates easy escape for that drunk valley girl you picked up from the bar so you won't be forced to amuse her and/or make breakfast after she discovers her regrettable decision. It also features funky memory foam that prevents snoring so you won't scare her off in the unlikely event that you have acquired someone who actually finds you attractive and/or is blind.

  The only thing that is not amazing about this is the $99 price tag, but if you are handy (or happen to have a weird male housemate who likes to sew shit) you can cook one of these up for about 10 bones.

  While you are waiting for your order to come in, entertain yourself with this:

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